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who we are

Founded in 2016, En Bonne Santé is French for ‘In good health’ and summarises what we would want everybody to experience. Everyone deserves happiness and health!

To achieve this, the Dieticians at En Bonne Santé give practical and individual-specific advice, guidelines and meal plans We also strive to prevent lifestyle diseases by education and sustainable lifestyle changes.

The Bakery section believes that you should have your cake and eat it!! We formulate diabetic, hypertensive, slimmer friendly decadent treats but also some guilty pleasure indulgences as well. We specialize in cakes, cupcakes, tarts and rare occasion types of cakes, for example wedding cakes.

our start-up victories

  • We have two Dieticians serving on the ADSA national executive committee.

  • In-house dietician for a South African neutraceutical company.
  • Consult dietician for an Australian Management Consultancy firm.
  • Personal dietician of a top Protea Cricket player.

Our long-term goal is to have the En Bonne Santé Wellness Centre up and running within the next few years, with all the different divisions conveniently situated on the same premises.

wellness centre

  • En Bonne Santé Bakery – Dietetic delicacies (Coffee Shop)
    Where you can enjoy delectable but healthier versions of your favourite cakes, cupcakes, muffins, scones, quiches and toasted sandwiches.
  • En Bonne Santé Dieticians
    Mindful and intuitive eating, improving one’s relationship with food, eating disorders. Diabetes Mellitus and insulin resistance, Hypertension, Cholesterol. Gut-Health and Irritable bowel syndrome. Pregnancy and lactation, Allergies and Intolerances and more. 
  • Physical activity sessions
    In this division, with the help of a biokinetisist/personal trainer we will help patients achieve their personal goals, strength and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Masterclasses and demonstrations
  • And so much more..

The Managing Director and Head Dietician: Retha Harmse


Retha Harmse is a driven and passionate Dietician with a desire to improve health and wellness. As a dietician, she sees wellness not only as a healthy weight or a disease-free life but rather as a life in abundance in all aspects of a person’s being.

She serves on the Association for Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA) National Executive committee as the Public Relations portfolio holder as well as being an ADSA spokesperson. This has given her a platform on radio, television and printed media – of which she loves every second!

She founded her private practice in 2016 and is currently based in Saxonwold, Johannesburg. Retha has a special interest in mindful and intuitive eating, improving one’s relationship with food, eating disorders and many more. Retha also runs a psychiatry sessions at The Day Clinic (an in-patient psychiatric day program) focused on the brain-gut axis and putting the joy back in eating. She also runs the plant-based cafe in The Day Clinic and is also the author of two e-recipebooks that was launched in 2018 and during the second during the 2020 lockdown.

Additional to this she is also a Consultant Dietician in which she provides either wellness days, health presentations, recipe demonstrations or whichever corporate offering the company might need.

Clinical Dietician: Rhodene Leydekkers

Rhodene Leydekkers is a registered dietitian passionate about people and wellness. She believes that life is too short to eat a boring meal, and too beautiful to deprive yourself. She encourages her clients to focus on enjoying every meal and want to help them build a healthy relationship with food and themselves. She also loves empowering them to understand nutrition so that they can make informed decisions regarding their diet.

She finished her BSc Dietetics degree in 2018 at the University of Potchefstroom. She gained experience working in the public sector at Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academical Hospital, as well as in private practice. Working in these different sectors she found a special interest in diabetes management, gut-brain connection, women’s health and any mental health conditions, and is a CDE, OPTIFAST and DNAlysis certified dietician. She is a proud member of the Association of Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA) and also enjoys educating the public by contributing to media content.

Clinical Dietician: Michelle Zietsman

Michelle is a registered dietician passionate about equipping her clients to reach their lifestyle goals that will bring lasting change.  She aims to educate, inspire and empower them with simple and sustainable solutions to make informed and healthy lifestyle choices, change habits, and achieve better health.

Michelle has a special interest in women’s health, breastfeeding and nutritional intervention for chronic diseases.  She strives to never stop learning and to continue growing in these fields. Apart from obtaining her BSc. degree in Dietetics, she also completed a Higher Certificate in Christian Counselling and is currently studying towards becoming a South African Certified Lactation Consultant.

Michelle also consults with those who wish to follow a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, or those interested in eating more plant-based.  She is passionate about promoting whole food, plant-based style meal plans not only for health and well-being but also for sustainable and compassionate living.  Michelle is a ProvegSA Veggie Challenge Ambassador.  She was also part of a panel discussion for a ProvegSA webinar hosted on the topic  “How to stay healthy in challenging times”.  In January 2021, during the Veganuary campaign, Michelle talked weekly with ProvegSA via Instagram live sessions where she answered questions from the public about achieving optimal health on a plant-based diet.

Michelle serves on the National Executive Committee for the Association of Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA) for the portfolio Representation.  Her motivation to serve on the team is to be more directly involved in taking action towards a future of better nutrition, and thus better health in our communities.

Operating hours!


08:00 -17:00


Only every second saturday

08:00 - 13:00

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