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Breaking Beauty: Empowering Youth to Rewrite the Standards

In a world saturated with filtered images and airbrushed perfection, the pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty standards weighs heavily on the shoulders of young girls. From the moment they’re [...]

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Harmony in Eating: Nurturing Well-being through Interoception and Intuitive Eating

In this article, we invite you on a journey toward a healthier relationship with food. Have you ever wondered about the secrets behind mindful eating? Or how to break free [...]

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Nourishing Love: A Self-Love Journey Through Intuitive Eating

Brief Overview of the Cultural Significance of February and Valentine’s Day As February unfolds, a familiar air of romance envelops the month, heralded by the iconic celebration of love—Valentine’s Day. [...]

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Navigating the Complexity of Intuitive Eating and Weight Loss Compatibility

If you’re interested in Intuitive Eating, you may have heard that it’s not compatible with your weight loss goals. You may be wondering why that is, and what Intuitive Eating [...]

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Nourishing the Journey: Unveiling the Realities of Breastfeeding and Fueling Mom’s Superpowers

During World Breastfeeding Week, as a breastfeeding mother myself, I aim to shed light on the lesser-discussed challenges. And offer tips to make the journey easier, because every mom deserves [...]

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Intuitive Eating at Work: How Corporations Can Promote Healthy Habits through Mindful Eating

During the celebration of Corporate Wellness Week, the principles of intuitive eating should be taking centre stage as corporations prioritise the health and well-being of their employees. This week-long event [...]

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Intuitive Eating for beginners: A non-diet approach to eating that focuses on listening to your body

Intuitive Eating for beginners In recent years, Intuitive Eating has gained popularity as a new approach to health and wellness, especially as people are starting to reject traditional dieting methods [...]

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Food & Your Mood: How Food Affects Mental Health

Our physical health is significantly affected by the foods we consume. But did you know that food can have a direct impact on our mental and emotional well-being too? The [...]

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The importance of good nutrition in early childhood

Good nutrition is vital in early childhood development. Children require a delicate balance of foods at the right time to develop and reach their full potential. Intuitive eaters that listen [...]

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10 tips to keep healthy during your pregnancy

There is a lot of information that the Internet, books, and family and friends want to share with you about pregnancy. This can be overwhelming, to say the least. How [...]

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Eating healthy during your pregnancy

A healthy diet is an important part of a healthy lifestyle but it is especially vital while pregnant. The nutrients, vitamins and minerals, are all used up by the body, [...]

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Understanding the emotional connection between feelings and food

Racing to the snack cupboard at the end of the day for something to make you feel better? You’re not alone. Many of us indulge in emotional eating at some [...]

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Changing your mind-set of food rewards for children

Food rewards are common practice in South Africa. One of the first questions I ask a patient when they step into my office is ‘What does your relationship with food [...]

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Mindful eating vs gulping down food

We all have those days when we are strapped for time to sit and savour a meal. Sometimes we eat in the car in traffic. Other times we eat on [...]

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Lunchbox ideas for growing kids

As parents or caregivers, we are the single most important influence on our children’s food choices.  Thus, we have the amazing privilege to be role models when it comes to [...]