Individual Consultations

Our approach isn’t what one would normally expect from a Dietitian practice.

We don’t work on weight loss specifically. Rather, we focus on teaching our patients how to get in touch with their bodies and find the underlying reason for overeating or undereating. We aim to address the root cause and behaviour rather than just addressing the symptoms.
We also strive to cultivate a healthy relationship with our bodies and food.

The approach we use is called Intuitive Eating and if that is something you are interested in, please be in touch.

All our consultations are done through an Intuitive Eating lens and will be tailored to suit our client’s needs. Our focus areas include: Improving one’s relationship with food, eating disorders, diabetes mellitus and insulin resistance, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gut health and irritable bowel syndrome, pregnancy and lactation and more. Nutritional Health Consultations can take place in the comfort of one’s own home or at our office in Saxonwold, Johannesburg.

Group consultations are welcome!

We also offer Vitality assessments: Vitality members can have a Vitality Nutrition Assessment done, wherein clients learn more about eating habits and can earn up to 1000 Vitality points. If you want to know whether we can treat a medical condition with medical nutrition therapy, please contact us.

Body Composition Analysis

Do an ‘Inbody’ body composition analysis to get a clear picture of the distribution of muscle and fat percentage, not only a number on the scale.
Remember that our worth is so much more than just the number on the scale.

Menu Adaptation

We also offer optimised menus for clients where we account for allergies, religious constraints (Kosher, Halaal) or plant-based eating for a client’s restaurant or deli. We also work with clients to improve existing menus for hotels, schools, old age homes, canteens etc. Get in touch with us for more.