Serves 5

300 g Chicken breasts (skinless)
5 ml Rosemary+ Olive spice
Pinch of Salt
1 medium Apple (granny smith)
275 g Baby spinach leaves
190 g Cucumber
125 g Red cabbage
200 g Red onion
190 g Cherry tomatoes
200 g Yellow pepper
10 Multigrain provitas biscuits
10 g Almonds (raw, slithered)

Salad dressing
30 ml Balsamic vinegar
30 ml Lemon juice
5 ml Mustard powder
Honey According to taste

Basil pesto
40 g Basil
5 ml Garlic
15 ml Lemon juice
45 mlOlive oil

Halve the chicken breasts (like you would a burger-bun) and cut them into smaller strips.
Pan fry them in a little bit of boiled water, pinch of salt and Rosemary and Olive spice (Ina Paarman’s). Set aside to cool.
Prepare the basil pesto: Using a Pestle & Mortar, combine the ingredients until semi-fine. Cover the chicken with the basil pesto.
Prepare the vegetables: (Cut the Granny Smith apple into small cubes. Shred the red cabbage. Dice the red onion. Halve the cherry tomatoes (if big, otherwise add them whole). Julienne the yellow pepper.
Prepare the salad dressing: Mix ingredients until everything is combined.
Roast the slithered almonds in a pan – no oil, just heat – until slightly brown. Roughly 3-5min.
Assemble the salad; first baby spinach, red cabbage, cucumber, red onion, apple, yellow pepper, cherry tomatoes and lastly chicken.
Crumble the provitas and combine with the roasted almonds as topping. (Add just before serving to prevent getting soggy)
Serve with the salad dressing on the side.

Nutrition information:

Energy 1131 kJ
CHO 18,38g
Protein 18g
Fat 13,5g
Fibre 14.4g