Winter lunchbox ideas

Baby quiches (crustless) Serves: 12 quiches Ingredients: 1 chopped onion 1 cup sliced mushrooms 1 tbs canola oil 300g frozen chopped spinach, thawed and well drained 2/3 cup of any protein of choice (finely chopped ham / cooked chicken cubes / prepared mince / etc) 5...

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Festive Feast

The festive season is usually a time for family gatherings, reflecting on the past year as well as planning and resting for the year to come. Perhaps not as deep, but equally as important, is the indulgent festive feast that goes with it. This festive recipe guide has...

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Hummus and Ice Tea Recipes

Hummus: Three different ways The perfect dip for your vegetable crudités as your healthier snack of choice or when attending a braai.   Lima Bean Hummus Preparation: 25 minutes Ready In: 25 minutes   Ingredients 300g package frozen lima beans 170g container...

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Spring Picnic Recipes

Spring Picnic Recipes A picnic is a meal taken outdoors as part of an outing – ideally in scenic environments, such as a park, lakeside, or any place affording an interesting view.   History of Picnics After the French Revolution in 1789, royal parks became open...

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Low GI Cakes

Low GI Cakes Gly= glucose; Aemic= blood; Index= indication The glycaemic index (GI) is a tool used to classify carbohydrate containing foods according to the effect these foods have no blood sugar levels. Foods with a high GI are quickly absorbed and quickly released...

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Healthy Breakfast Variations

Breakfast Variations There is a reason why it is called the most important meal of the day, as there are various health benefits associated with eating breakfast. However in today’s busy and hectic lifestyle it is often skipped. One of the biggest reasons for people...

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Winter Recipes

This healthy dietician-approved recipe is the perfect addition to your kitchen staples. High fibre bread with 4 variations of soup recipes. Quick Bread (Makes 2 loaves) This lovely weekend loaf is quick to make, but it tastes as if it has involved hours of baking. You...

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Processed Foods

Food processing, according to the Oxford dictionary can be defined as the action of performing a series of mechanical or chemical operations on food in order to change or preserve it. Although choosing less processed items automatically helps you reduce the excess...

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Feta & Beetroot Salad

What better colours to get into the festive mood than red and green? That is why this festive salad is a must for your Christmas table. PREP: 15 MINS EASY SERVES 10  These contrasting flavours make a great base for a side salad (add lean...

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Spring Spinach Pie

Serves: 6 Duration: 55 minutes plus cooling time Difficulty: Easy High in protein, rich in iron, low GI. Ingredients: Olive oil 1 x 270 g packet of filo pastry 200 g baby spinach 6 strips smoked streaky bacon 6 large free-range eggs 200 ml milk...

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